Cask 307 wine bar to open
later this month downtown

Oct 12, 2019

Residents and visitors have a wide variety of options in Laramie if they want a glass of draft beer, but what about a glass of wine from the tap?

Once Cask 307 opens later this month, wine on tap will be a reality downtown.

"We'll have anywhere from, depending on the season, 6-8 wines on tap," co-owner Lesley Young said. "It's good for the environment and cuts down quite a bit on bottle waste. That was really important to us."

Located on Grand Avenue between Second and First streets, the wine bar is looking to combine the old-world charm of its historic, 100-year-old downtown building with a modern, classic feel. Co-owner Mellissa Mortensen said the duo was excited about a lot of the "unique characteristics that we didn't have to build in" like the archways throughout the space.

Once they decided to start the business together, Young said they knew immediately downtown is where they wanted to be.

"It started with, 'Let's go have a glass of wine,'" Mortensen added. "I asked her, 'Where do we do that?' So, we thought it would be a good way to enrich the community."

Wine has been a central part of the duo's friendship; both said they have been favoring rosé, a commonly pink-colored wine, throughout the summer. Young said she likes wine because "it's something that has its own story."

"It comes from these various regions in the world," she said. "You can have a glass of pinot noir from one region and it tastes completely different than a pinot noir from a different region. It's a fun thing to drink and a fun thing to talk about."

Cask 307 will feature a variety of wines, promising a mix of reds, whites and seasonal options. For those who aren't wine drinkers, cocktails will also be available.

The wine bar will also offer tapas - a small-portioned meal also called "small plates" - specifically designed to pair well with the wines. Executive Chef Paul Matthews said some dishes will have a general European flair, featuring "a lot of high-quality ingredients that match well with wine, so artisanal cheeses and cured meats."

"I spent a lot of time in the Asia-Pacific, so there's some Asian fusion on there a little bit, too," Matthews said.

Unlike traditional entrees, he said tapas are more suited for exploring a variety of options and flavors.

"Part of it is you get to try a lot of things that complement the wine, and then also when you're with a group, you get to share and add that experience to the dining," Matthews said.

Young has started the initial processes to become a certified sommelier, which is a specially trained and knowledgeable wine professional. She said becoming a sommelier would allow Cask 307 to "not only offer really good wine but an education with it, too."

"Right now, but my goal within the next few years is to go to the master board sommelier," Young said. "I like going to places where people know about the wine and know about the grapes and know about the story of the vineyard. That's what we want to provide as well."


Cask 307, a new wine bar coming to downtown Laramie, looks to open next week. The bar focuses heavily on wine and shareable tapas, but will also offer cocktails and other refreshments.

At a Glance

Cask 307 will bring wine and tapas to Laramie once it opens later this month. The downtown establishment will include wine, cocktails and tapas, which are small plates of shareable food.